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Do you see the river changed?

Oil on Canvas by L Rohner

“All things are in motion and nothing is at rest. . . . You cannot go into the same [river] twice.” quote by ancient philosopher Heraclitus from the writings of Wayne Dyer. He was referring to our bodies changing every moment of our life. While reading this statement my mind thought about the stress I am imposing on my life with thoughts of what was and how can I make my business work. How can I be more abundant? As I pondered this thought and the feeling of stress and anxiety because I am stuck in a ego mind loop hearing my ego chatter on saying it worked before why is it not working now? Seeing who you are from that perspective is not very productive and answers almost never come. Yet I do believe there is a guiding force that whispers on the wind in a place where only your soul can hear. Today this was a whisper I am grateful to have heard.

Everyone will agree the world is always changing. So why do we get stuck in stories about what was or following thought patterns never allowing you success? Honestly I do not know. I am just like you trying to understand why I am not better off than I am. Maybe it is because I keep jumping into the same river in my mind. My ego mind never perceived the difference. When we finally step out of our physical ego bodies and see what is real around us you understand the river changed. So, no, my business is not the same because what people liked yesterday may not like today. Colors designs and styles are always changing and this is good. My technique or in life my belief should only grow and become richer and deeper. How you market changing and what people use to connect to each other, as I write changed. Now before I get myself all stressed out again it is important to simply realize change and not react to it. Observe, learn, change and grow is what life asks of us.

After releasing the ego from its full-time job and sending ego on a vacation I dug a little deeper into this statement. Discovering this being radiating from within even if only for a brief moment is inspiring. My ego had me captive. It had me pinned down. Confused, angry, full of aggressive fear and feeling unworthy started to float away. A sense of contentment filled me and I thought about my concerns with my business. I know I will be given the answers I need to succeed. The world around me is forever changing but I can choose to see the river differently now. I can change my thoughts.

He ended his writing with this little passage and I hope he does not mind me using an excerpt from him. He wrote; ” Who am I? is then answered with, I am an infinite being who originated not from my parents, but from a Source that is itself birthless, deathless, and changeless.

Thank you dear sir for these powerful words.