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Angry People. Stay calm and keep on walking.

watercolor illustration by Laurie Rohner
Think of a peaceful place and let the anger go.

Let me share a story with you.

Yesterday an email hit my inbox from Etsy. It was for a custom order. I opened the email and found this young women ranting with profanity about how I had sent her a twitter feed and to stop it. Now I admit I don’t know how things work but I do know that this was her issue – not mine. I replied back explaining I had nothing to do with her feed being filled up with my etsy posts – 5 to be exact –  and she was not to contact shop owners through the custom order request. I said I was sorry this happened and wish her a better day. She then shot me another scathing email how she has reported me to twitter – hum don’t understand why – and that she is not the one responsible for this problem. I received 3 more irrational emails from this young lady. I did not reply because this would only feed her irrational rantings. Instead I sent an email to etsy about her with the emails she had sent and I blocked her from my twitter feed. Finally I sent her an email and told her what has happened thus ending her rants.

A few hours have passed, why did this person do this? I pondered that thought and believe that she was attracted in some way to my energy.

Do you think thoughts have energy?

Considering what is happening in my life and the way I was feeling about myself I can understand my part in this story. Though I did not see it in the beginning I have to thank this young women for showing me how my thinking had become negative and self doubting. I had opened the door and allowed that energy in – the door now shut I move on.


There is nothing wrong in protecting yourself against abusive people and reporting them when they act out. This is a consequence of their negative thinking, their thoughts or their mental energy. What is needed is taking responsibility for your part – unwanted yes – learning from this marvelous lesson and letting it go with light and love.

As an artist you are in contact with many different people and I try to accommodate my customers with respect. I give my full focus to the project at hand. Since I feel creative energy is infused into any creative work I am mindful of my thoughts while creating. How can you do your best work if you are at the mercy of negative people and negative thinking? I don’t see how you can. Look at the circumstances and then let the thoughts and people go. Then get back in the studio and create.

Have fun!

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Never have enough money? Live life on purpose.

“When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.” Wayne Dyer, best-selling author, speaker and personal favorite.


Fill your life with the fruits of your dreams and the bowl of prosperity will always be full. Thought these two painted works for those who love living life with fun and whimsy. Great for the summertime atmosphere and those farmhouse cottage kitchens and homes. Available at my shop Between The Weeds and ready to ship today.

Strawberries Watercolor Nature Art Painting Botanical Garden Original Artwork

Painted vintage metal bowl furnishing with red cherries and checker board pattern in black and white on a black painted farmhouse cottage chic metal vintage sifter. The vintage metal sifter is primed and then painted black and bright red cherries decorate the outside with a black and white checkerboard around the bottom rim. This is the old way people used to sift their flour, imagine that.

Use it as a fruit bowl but I think it is great to hold a potted plant or soaps or candles or bills notes or keys. The uses are as many as you can think.

It is sealed with a lacquer.

It measures 8″ in diameter, 3.5″ high and has a 4″handle.
The bottom is 4.5″ wide.

Strawberries Watercolor Nature Art Painting Botanical Garden Original Artwork

Nature art watercolor painting of strawberries picked in a botanical garden titled Summer Strawberries is original artwork by Laurie Rohner.

I love strawberries and don’t my strawberries remind you of warm sunny days ice cream and strawberry shortcake. I bought some strawberries at the market the other day and while washing them decided to take a few to paint. Nice on cold winter days or hot summer days hanging in you cottage farmhouse kitchen porch or loft for a touch of whimsy.

Palette:green, red, umber.

Wall artwork for cottage chic, farmhouse and loft decor.

Arches 300lb hot pressed watercolor rag paper.
This is slightly rough thick hand made paper.
Image and Paper size is 7″ x 10″.

Small Fact: The paper is so thick you can attach a ribbon to the back and hang it.


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Do you see the river changed?

Oil on Canvas by L Rohner

“All things are in motion and nothing is at rest. . . . You cannot go into the same [river] twice.” quote by ancient philosopher Heraclitus from the writings of Wayne Dyer. He was referring to our bodies changing every moment of our life. While reading this statement my mind thought about the stress I am imposing on my life with thoughts of what was and how can I make my business work. How can I be more abundant? As I pondered this thought and the feeling of stress and anxiety because I am stuck in a ego mind loop hearing my ego chatter on saying it worked before why is it not working now? Seeing who you are from that perspective is not very productive and answers almost never come. Yet I do believe there is a guiding force that whispers on the wind in a place where only your soul can hear. Today this was a whisper I am grateful to have heard.

Everyone will agree the world is always changing. So why do we get stuck in stories about what was or following thought patterns never allowing you success? Honestly I do not know. I am just like you trying to understand why I am not better off than I am. Maybe it is because I keep jumping into the same river in my mind. My ego mind never perceived the difference. When we finally step out of our physical ego bodies and see what is real around us you understand the river changed. So, no, my business is not the same because what people liked yesterday may not like today. Colors designs and styles are always changing and this is good. My technique or in life my belief should only grow and become richer and deeper. How you market changing and what people use to connect to each other, as I write changed. Now before I get myself all stressed out again it is important to simply realize change and not react to it. Observe, learn, change and grow is what life asks of us.

After releasing the ego from its full-time job and sending ego on a vacation I dug a little deeper into this statement. Discovering this being radiating from within even if only for a brief moment is inspiring. My ego had me captive. It had me pinned down. Confused, angry, full of aggressive fear and feeling unworthy started to float away. A sense of contentment filled me and I thought about my concerns with my business. I know I will be given the answers I need to succeed. The world around me is forever changing but I can choose to see the river differently now. I can change my thoughts.

He ended his writing with this little passage and I hope he does not mind me using an excerpt from him. He wrote; ” Who am I? is then answered with, I am an infinite being who originated not from my parents, but from a Source that is itself birthless, deathless, and changeless.

Thank you dear sir for these powerful words.

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Chasing money or life on purpose?

English: This is a photograph I personally too...
Dr Wayne Dyer

“When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.”

Dr.Wayne Dyer, best-selling author, speaker and personal favorite. 

How many of us truly understand what this fabulous man is saying? Throughout the years there has been some real low spots in my life and I thank the Source for giving the world men and women like Dr Wayne Dyer. I have read his books and listen to his CD‘s. Mentally I understand exactly what the words are saying. Implementing this into my life has been a struggle. The last few weeks I have experienced exceptionally hard circumstances and I think I might have glimpsed an answer about why. In life at least mine just when things break wide open and life comes pouring in, a heaviness. Things we thought to be true become anchors and for some of us people who like to be in control of our lives it is magnified even more so. I wonder if a snake feels this way as it shed its skin or a newborn just before birth maybe even a flower as it breaks open to show the wonderful beauty of its real self, the flower.

I make functional art and fairy houses and it is my life blood. It is not what I thought I would be doing in my life yet it gives me absolute joy. Marketing and selling does not but it is something I have to do. I love my business and when I sell my things I know that person is receiving my best, a part of my heart is carried within my creation, as it is in all artist work. It is personal.  When I am in the process of creating I understand exactly about life on purpose because I am working from my authentic self. Marketing and selling means working from my ego and when I allow the ego too much room the chase for money is then more important than the work. The lesson here is work with the ego as you would any tool but dwell in the place where your life force resides. This is where you carry faith, trust, love for yourself, joy and compassion. It is time for me to step off the precipice knowing even if I fall into the darkness  I will  sprout wings and fly. At least it is better than where I am now. I need to grow into the next stage in my life and become everything I have ever believed I can be. I really hate when someone say you can’t do that because my response is always just watch me. A very special person in my life knew if I needed a kick all they had to do was say I can’t now Life is saying I can’t do that and I am saying just watch me. Or maybe they are still from the other side.

Are you chasing your tail after money or living on purpose? If you are in the midst of becoming a flower than tell life you want to fly. Join me in the sky doing loop d’ loops. It is a blast up here.

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Here I go.

My first post, whoopee. I decided why not have a blog about just me. I have just as much to say as the next women and might discover I have more. This is my 5th blog site, the other four are all about art and business. I wanted to do something more me and about what I see in this world. What I see is hope and caring and beauty. Hearing of doom and gloom drains me. So I am going to write and show things that inspire me, things I am passionate about, things that say don’t give up it is all OK. I read an affirmation by Dr. Wayne Dyer every morning, by the way I love that guy and if you have no idea who he is check him out. I digress the saying goes like this ” All is perfect. God‘s love is everywhere and forgets no one. I trust in this force to guide me and I do not allow ego to enter now”.  Pretty good affirmation and what a nice way to start the day and to start this first post.

Blessings, L