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Do you follow the Path or the path?

by BetweenTheWeeds
Painted Handmade Keepsake Box

“The Path that is best for you is the Path that keeps the best of you in play.”

– The Oaqui

The big question these days is what is your purpose? Am I on the right path? The funny thing about these two questions is if you are asking there is something wrong. Life works without our interference, though we may block or get in the way of what life is trying to do for us, things do end up right where it is meant to be. This is very different from the Path and the path we follow. The path we follow is ego rattling away in our heads never satisfied. The Path is the energy we choose to emanate and connect with Source. Visualize a balloon with a gold thread attached to an ever supply source of thread. It is gently rising up with the currents. Suddenly the balloon gets caught up in a downdraft causing the balloon to tumble about. The current changes things calm down and the balloon floats above the turmoil. The balloon soars farther and farther.

There are always going to be downdrafts it is the nature of life and to ignore this is to not live the best you can. Denying a problem means finding no solutions, but when you live a life that allows everything to have meaning, you will find yourself soaring. It is not always having good times but having experiences that push us to be more of who we are and to be grateful for all things in our lives. You are the balloon, life is the currents and the ever supply of gold thread yes the Source. The thread is so strong it never breaks no matter how hard it is stretched. The Path is forever there forever connected even when we think all is lost. We are never lost. When people live there lives with Source, the Path, everything is the best for you. Always.