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There are no shortages.

Self-Esteem for sale
Self-Esteem for sale (Photo credit: fran6co)

“We live in an unlimited Universe and are constantly discovering new information about it. There are no shortages in the Universe, the only shortage is our mental ability to comprehend how truly abundant we really are. Lack of abundance of anything in your life is fundamentally an issue of low self-esteem. If you are missing anything from your life, ask yourself: what false belief am I holding on to about myself that is preventing my desire from manifesting in my life? Anything you’ve ever desired already exists; the key is to live in high self-esteem and believe you are worthy of receiving it.”

– Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

What else can be said either you believe this quote or you don’t.

Today I read another great article about being a multimillionaire. The author broke it down to 7 rules which you can read here. It was Rule #2 that struck me, it states get rid of poverty thinking. Why do we persistently sabotage our self with demeaning thoughts. I throughout this “recession” have had one nagging thought, where did all the money go? It is still there and growing but the media people and governments keep telling us we are in short supply. I simply and emphatically say “no”. This is not true. It is why I like to promote other artists talents I like because I have never held to the theory if you tell about them then you might lose. There is plenty for all. Bank on it.

Now I need to work on all the other rules. Well do you believe in the Universe or ?