Do you sell on Etsy?

Did you know Etsy went public and offered stock options on the NY stock exchange? Fabulous for Etsy but this leaves the shops asking why? Etsy was a new exciting way for artists designers and all creatives of handmade quality product to sell to the world on one easy platform. The brilliant creator of Etsy sold the company and since that day it has never been the same. What made Etsy different exciting and the place for all to shop for fabulous handmade original product vanished. Many of my customers will not shop there anymore. Now it is a place like all the rest, over-run with knock off mass-produced. If you were willing to go the route of what Etsy has pushed as wholesale you might still be able to stay on top of the herd. I doubt it.

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Etsy is a business but I am a business too. They have the right to do and work the way they see fit. I am also a business that can choose what and where I sell my product. After a considerable time I studied and analysed the cost and time needed to keep my shop on Etsy finding my Etsy shop is running in the red. Bottom line is, Etsy is not working for me anymore.

My new brand for Between The Weeds Studio and Laurie Rohner Studio

What is working is my web site. I have two. First at Laurie Rohner Studio and the second at Between The Weeds. I have integrated the two web sites together and have started branding my image and work. Now when I promote my work only my work is promoted. No check out other work on my site directing a potential customer off to another shop. I cannot say more explicitly, you need your own web site. How much money do you give Etsy a month on listing fees? There are a bunch of web site you can create and you probably wont spend as much. I use weebly but also  have checked into wix and square. I just love weebly and have used them from the beginning.

Images help promote your work.

Stop trying to get your views up on Etsy, that will not help. Stop trying to list something everyday. Stop using any of the other old outdated tricks of days long ago, again not working. Sit down make a list of what you want to showcase on a web site and get one built. Believe me if I can do it, you can do it. Make it a fun project and not a chore. Have inspiration flowing and be creative. Another great plus is you can change it around when you want.


Great article by Jack White on Ebay Selling.

I am definitely looking into possibly adding this option and maybe you might too.
In case you have not read this yet below is an excerpt and link of this wonderful article.

What’s Up With e-Bay?
by Jack White

Don’t slap out junk, because the eBay collector is a lot smarter than you think. They know quality art. You might fake out your mother, but not the intelligent eBay bidder. […]

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