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New I-Phone designs for you to buy today.

I have added some more images for my new I-Phone designs for you to buy at Laurie Rohner for Pixels. If you see one of my artwork pieces not available let me know and I will add it for you.

Buy at pixels today
Buy at pixels today.


buy at pixels today

I really like this new idea. Have fun.




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I prayed for truth and I found my soul self.

by Laurie Rohner

“I prayed for change, so I changed my mind.
I prayed for guidance and learned to trust myself.

I prayed for happiness and realized I am not my ego.

I prayed for peace and learned to accept others unconditionally.

I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out.
I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health.

I prayed for a miracle and realized I am the miracle.

I prayed for a soul mate and realized I am the One.
I prayed for love and realized it’s always knocking, but I have to let it in.”

– Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

There is nothing more frustrating in my humble opinion then being lied to again and again only to look in the mirror and find the one doing the lying is you. You are never going to be perfect or wealthy or abundant or happy or loved until you stop running away from the mirror and like what you see, from your heart, from your soul self. It does take work hard work and worthy work to get it. Take ownership of this life experience for you have been given this wonderful opportunity to evolve and grow. None of us follow the same path or the same lesson. This is your path accept it, embrace it and love the being you are, completely.

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Are your delays lessons in patience?

“It’s well known in wisdom communities that delays are not denials. Remember this at all times. Keep focused on what you can do in the moment, and if there is nothing to be done – you are being taught patience. Apply yourself everyday towards your deepest desire – work hard, then let go. This is how mastery is attained.”
– Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.
Follow the Road by Laurie Rohner
Original Oil Follow the Road by Laurie Rohner
Many can say I am the most impatient person. I have to agree. An internal battle I have fought for too long. I decided to look at my inner self and explore why I am experiencing these perceived delays to outright no’s. What I found for myself is a natural order which empowers you to achieve the goal you set for your life.  Acknowledging and identifying is part of the lesson life is always teaching. Acceptance will follow and suddenly you find a rhythm flow into your life you did not know was there.  You breathe a little deeper. This is what has transpired in my life as if a switch was turned on and I know exactly what I want and what I want to do. At least today it is.  What about you?