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A light shines through.

I guess you could say I have a hard-head. I know because it has bumped into so many hard surfaces and never even cracked. Amazing. No I am talking about being able to see the solutions so easily for others but when it comes to my insurmountable life I am clueless. With a gleeful giggle I think I am finding a bit of light shining through and see things as Spirit or Universe has tried to tell me. No need for the Flare gun just yet.

Only available in my studio. Buy at
Only available in my studio. Buy at

Yesterday I spoke about illusions and some of it involved the Etsy illusion. Etsy is not working for me. There I said it and boy it feels great. I see Etsy now for what it is and I hope others will see it for what it is a fraud. Yes a few artist find sales and some make a living selling on Etsy but they are a very small few in direct proportion to the amount of shops selling on Etsy. Now have you noticed Etsy is trying to get you to sign up people to open shops offering free listing fees for you and them. Hum, this has a bit of an odor to it. When I read this every alarm in my head said warning Wil Robinson. So why?

I took this as a sign from Spirit or Universe and it said ‘it is time to use your energy differently’. Why promote my work which I work very hard creating for Etsy when I am set up to promote my work for me? If I am not getting what I am putting into Etsy back out of Etsy, then it would be insane for me to keep doing what I am doing expecting a different outcome.

I did some looking around on artists I like to follow and discovered these artist are not Etsy users but use their talents marketing themselves on their websites in shows and in stores by licensing their art, having their own open studio or on consignment. These artists are doing what I thought I was working towards but because I was hard-headed could not see why they succeeded and I did not. Their work was no better, their photos were comparable and they showed about the same body of work. They had titles that did not read distorted or broken and they were found in searches on the front pages of the search engines. So why waste your valuable time money and creative energy promoting yourself in a market that does not work and could be broken? The answer is quite clear to me now. You do not.

I think Spirit is always guiding us and showing different paths we need to follow. It is when we allow the illusion the lies to guide us and not our passions and heart muscle to show the way, we venture down these long dark corridors filled with energy sucking shadows that zap our purpose and joy. We become the drug of the addict (shadows) and are lulled into believing we just have to change this and it all will fall into place. The masses chime in and tell you more of the exact same words and you become disillusioned and defeated.

Shake it off right now I can wait…. there you want to know the best secret ever. Life is easy. Life is working with You. Life is You and You are life. What ever you can imagine you can create. Do not allow someone else the reins to control your life. You and You alone know what you are passionate about. Your unique passion is that thing or things that get your heart pumping a bit faster. You may even talk a little louder or faster. The excitement you feel is your passion. You are the master of You and You need to take charge and live with only one focus. Is this what I need to do to follow my life with purpose and passion? If your answer is anything else other than yes to the question think it over and choose another way. This applies to everything in life. The work you do, the family you love, the life you want for You starts with You. Sometimes the passion is buried deep down under hurt and anger but once you find it nurture it and live from it. Release what has hidden your passion to Spirit or the Universe for them to care for and move forward.

I know it is really scary to shake things up and live from a place that is as foreign as living on the moon but I know it is worth it. Living a lie or a life with no passion is being cocoon in a spider’s web numb by the poison of the spiders venom and waiting for the day you are dinner and then nothing. Wake up pull off the spider webs and take control of your ride. Spirit and the Universe love to show gratitude to the ones who get it. Are you one of the ones who gets it? Thought you were, by the way nice ride.

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Freedom is a reflection of our own magnificence.

“We attain freedom as we let go of whatever does not reflect our magnificence. A bird cannot fly high or far with a stone tied to its back. But release the impediment, and we are free to soar to unprecedented heights.”


Alan Cohen, is the owner of the Florida Panthers.

Freedom to soar to new heights…
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Surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest place in the world.

Sometimes don’t you feel this way?

I can fully understand what these words are saying and know there are people who agree, feel the tug at their own hearts. There is no blame. No one is at fault for your circumstances. You made a choice and that choice put you in the situation, now behind the loneliness you know you are in the midst of the wrong people for your life and now you feel trapped. In my situation I have found myself in a wonderful neighborhood but the wrong people. It took me 5 years to see the obvious. When you go off course and head down the wrong road you end up in a lovely town but the wrong people living there aren’t the neighbors or town. It is you. Figure out who you are and get back on the road, finding the right people in your life.

Spirit, the Universe is showing you to start moving and it is never too late or impossible to correct your situation. Staying is the worst thing you can do and nothing will get better. I have realized this hard lesson but I also believe I am back on the right road again. I am selling my home and relocating back to Vermont. Check out my house for sale site. It wasn’t until my heart broke wide open did I see my truth and what will it take for you to find yours?

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When you find a feather what does it mean?

Table or Plant Marker

It is said that when you find a feather on the ground it is a sign that you are getting a message soon. If the feather is white it is a message from an angel. It is nice to think about but is it real? I was, lets say, on the fence and one that needed more proof. This past weekend I had a series of events occur that when I look at them individually mean not a thing, together something much bigger.

It started with discovering a mirror I had cut for an order long ago and for whatever the reason was never used. I had not thought about it for a long time. So why now was it important? I did not need it and had no plans for it at the present moment in time yet I stopped and I looked for it. Not finding it I put it out of my head knowing I would eventually discover it. I had decided to work on some old frames cleaning them up since it was so warm out. Playing with water sounded like fun and Tuck is always up for a romp in the water. My old frames I keep in a corner of my wood shop where they sit collecting dust. Again for no reason I needed to work today on theses frames. These frames always fell into when I had some free time I will clean them up and use them. Why over the weekend with so much to do was the right time I am not sure until I found wrapped in brown paper the mirror I had thought about a day ago. I smiled to myself and thought someone beyond my seeing helped me out in this discovery. I thanked whomever it was and went on my business.

The weather broke and it was a great time to get working outside cleaning mowing and weeding. I am very conscious of things in the yard because I dislike snakes and have had a run in with a couple since moving here. I like to give them a wide berth. As I worked in the garden I thought about the little garter snake I saw here last year and thankfully as I finished I did not see again. Cleaned up and took Tuck for a nice walk down the street. Looking everywhere enjoying the day I stood waiting for Tuck to finish up and I glanced down and there no more than 5″ away is a snake. His head up staring at me not threatening just observing. I calmly moved myself and Tuck away not knowing if the snake was poisonous or not. Once at a safe distance found it was a large garter snake. As I walked back home my mind went over what I had thought about working in the garden. How glad I had been about not seeing a snake and then I did. How I have lately thought about something with no emotional connection and it would then appear.

Then yesterday I discovered a feather in the same spot as the inquisitive friendly snake. It was from a blue bird. My mother who had passed years ago had a love for blue birds. Every time I see these birds I think of her and how much she loved watching them. Yesterday was also the birthday of my grandmother, Honey. She was my mothers’ mother. So is there a message? I do not believe in coincidences or accidents. There was something different about that snake so was it a snake or something else? I think it was a message from people or guides on the other side. There is great power in our thoughts. Be careful. Be aware. Be open to the messages around you. I can only ask myself why did I have to work on those frames then and why the snake appeared at the side of the road only to find a blue bird feather the next day. But the story does not end here. The feather led me to much more.

You will have to wait. In the meantime think about any messages you may be receiving from angels and people passed over.

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Find a place inside where there’s joy.

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

Joseph Campbell, the legend.

Birches Oil Painting by LRStudio

Yesterday a funny thing happened while trying to understand why things aren’t working in my life. I implement all the teachings read all the books and intellectually understand what all the great spiritual teachers are saying. Then suddenly fear hits you square in the face. You feel its intensity,the emotion is real. Your body responds by tensing or sweating and from your own thoughts and imagination, it is now a reality. It is very negative to your well-being, yet we give it absolute power.  In many ways fear has become the norm and joy is something we hope to feel. Joy is the feeling that skirts around what we think we are not worthy of having. Why else would so many people be trying to understand how to bring joy into our lives?

This is the fun part, the one thing we are all trying to obtain we all have and by placing our attention on  joy as the norm, fear diminishes. Fear becomes the emotion skirting around the perimeters of our true selves and with time may even disappear only  used for the sole purpose of protecting us from danger. Joy, Happiness and even the best feeling love are high vibrational energies and to keep these feelings in the front of your life is work. Once the work becomes a way of living it becomes your joy and the true oneness of you. Fear, doubt and unworthiness are heavy emotions and easily felt. These are feelings with little power and can with every day practice be but back up on the shelf for when they are needed.

So yesterday I finally realized that if I could feel with such intensity fear and all that came along with that feeling than why should I not be able to feel joy even more so. When fear comes acknowledge it, be aware of the feeling as you would be aware of a breeze on your skin. Ask yourself why are you experiencing this fear and then give thanks for the experience and release it from your imagination, your thoughts. Move your body into action and do something that is joyful to you. Living from the place inside you where there is joy also lives your imagination and your dream, your purpose. Joy, love, happiness will burn out the pain.

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Do you follow the Path or the path?

by BetweenTheWeeds
Painted Handmade Keepsake Box

“The Path that is best for you is the Path that keeps the best of you in play.”

– The Oaqui

The big question these days is what is your purpose? Am I on the right path? The funny thing about these two questions is if you are asking there is something wrong. Life works without our interference, though we may block or get in the way of what life is trying to do for us, things do end up right where it is meant to be. This is very different from the Path and the path we follow. The path we follow is ego rattling away in our heads never satisfied. The Path is the energy we choose to emanate and connect with Source. Visualize a balloon with a gold thread attached to an ever supply source of thread. It is gently rising up with the currents. Suddenly the balloon gets caught up in a downdraft causing the balloon to tumble about. The current changes things calm down and the balloon floats above the turmoil. The balloon soars farther and farther.

There are always going to be downdrafts it is the nature of life and to ignore this is to not live the best you can. Denying a problem means finding no solutions, but when you live a life that allows everything to have meaning, you will find yourself soaring. It is not always having good times but having experiences that push us to be more of who we are and to be grateful for all things in our lives. You are the balloon, life is the currents and the ever supply of gold thread yes the Source. The thread is so strong it never breaks no matter how hard it is stretched. The Path is forever there forever connected even when we think all is lost. We are never lost. When people live there lives with Source, the Path, everything is the best for you. Always.