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Letting go and trusting are the most difficult things a human being can accomplish.

“The wise know that too much doing and a thing won’t get done. The secret to manifesting on the highest level is to find the perfect amount of doing and non-doing to allow the doing to be done. Sometimes much more can be accomplished simply by letting go and trusting.” – Jackson Kiddard

Letting go and trusting are the most difficult things a human being can accomplish in their life. We tend to believe if you let go you are loosing control and if you finally let go trusting the outcome will be right? From past outcomes you find the outcome never quite ends the way you had wished, huge. Yet this is the secret to all whom have successfully achieved this highest level of living your life.

I know I have issues with control and letting go is letting go of control. Realizing now it is a must to let go so life expands and grows manifesting my dreams goals and wishes. Trusting God has my back and together all things are possible is easier than the first for me in my life. When you can shine a light on the problem or obstacle the path ahead is illuminated, always.

I hope this quote shines some wisdom into your life so your path is illuminated brightly.

Oil on canvas titled Autumn begins in Underhill, VT
Oil on canvas titled Autumn begins in Underhill, VT
Inspirational, Laurie Rohner, optimistic, Quotes, Thoughts are energy

Encourage your children to stay connected to Source Energy

If you encourage your children to stay connected to Source Energy, they will remain clear-minded; they will remain optimistic; they will remain enthusiastic. They will remain balanced; they will remain flexible. They will remain in a state of grace. They will remain in a state of Well-Being. And they will make wonderful choices.    —Abraham

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Surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest place in the world.

Sometimes don’t you feel this way?

I can fully understand what these words are saying and know there are people who agree, feel the tug at their own hearts. There is no blame. No one is at fault for your circumstances. You made a choice and that choice put you in the situation, now behind the loneliness you know you are in the midst of the wrong people for your life and now you feel trapped. In my situation I have found myself in a wonderful neighborhood but the wrong people. It took me 5 years to see the obvious. When you go off course and head down the wrong road you end up in a lovely town but the wrong people living there aren’t the neighbors or town. It is you. Figure out who you are and get back on the road, finding the right people in your life.

Spirit, the Universe is showing you to start moving and it is never too late or impossible to correct your situation. Staying is the worst thing you can do and nothing will get better. I have realized this hard lesson but I also believe I am back on the right road again. I am selling my home and relocating back to Vermont. Check out my house for sale site. It wasn’t until my heart broke wide open did I see my truth and what will it take for you to find yours?

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Are you willing?

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An admired man. Walter Cronkite.

“I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got.”

Walter Cronkite, legendary broadcaster.
Think of every person you think is a success, then think about where in your life you have succeed. Yup, you gave it your all, right. Enough said now go give it your all and succeed.