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Small Miniature Oil Paintings on Panel by Vermont artist, Laurie Rohner.

I enjoy smaller art. I see great things in small packages. Miniature art can be hung individually or grouped to make a statement big and small. Check these out below all available at Etsy shop Between The Weeds.

Dirt Road Trees Vermont Landscape Original Oil Painting Nature Art Scenic Woodland Realism Impressionist
Woodland Trees and Dirt Road by Laurie Rohner.
Medium: oil on linen panel
Size: 5 x 7 
Signature on the front, on back title date and signature.
Vermont Oil Painting Landscape Fields Pasture Mountains Sky Realism Miniature Nature Art by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner
 Fields Meet Mountains
Medium: Oil on Linen Panel
Canvas Size: 5 x 7 inches
Signature on the front 
Woodland Trees Vermont Landscape Original Oil Painting Nature Art Scenic Realism Impressionist by Vermont artist  Laurie Rohner
Woodland Tree Line
Medium: oil on linen panel
Size: 5 x 7 
Signature on the front, on back title date and signature.

These oil paintings are painted on linen canvas panels and ship free to you customers in the USA. This a a sampling of my Vermont woodland landscape collection of trees forests mountains and fields all by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner. A Vermont landscape is painted on a linen panel with high-quality oil paints and is ready to pop into a standard frame with a 5 x 7-inch opening.

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What is new at Between The Weeds? Pet portraits.

check out art at
Have a portrait painted of your loved pet.

I am working on paintings for the studio. This is so exciting. I am now working on pet portraits. I am having a blast. The house smells with oil paints and the creative energy is soaring. I really can say I have never met an animal I did not like. Humans too many but dogs cats pigs sheep cows horses lion and tigers and bears, oh my, never ever.

Recently I had this amazing person pop into my life and instantly liked her. She lives with a menagerie of animals secretly I am jealous because I would love to live surrounded by furry feathered friends. I do draw a line with reptiles, especially snakes. She told me she had just lost her dog. The love she had for her dog beamed out from every pore and you could also feel the sadness. I was immediately touched and knew I would have to do something.

I had been frustrated with my shop and what I was doing with my art. I had toyed with the idea to start painting pet portraits again. The next time I saw this new found friend I mentioned about my interest in getting back to painting pets and would she like one in memory of her dog? One thing led to another and I am working on a portrait.

But to get the muscle exercised I worked first on a smaller portrait of a very special guy in my life. His name was Woody, or Sweet Woodruff his pedigree name. Woody was my spirit dog. He always could tell what I was thinking and there was not a day he did not give me all the love and joy he could muster.

pet portraits by
portrait of Woody from photo

This is a 10 x 10 inch stretched canvas original oil painting I did from a photo of Woody. I chose to use blues purples highlighted with orange, yellow and light blue. To create the depth I used Paynes Gray with a touch of Umber and Ultramarine Blue. What gives this portrait the emotion and spirit is the eye (or eyes). I start with the eyes and work the rest in from there. The painting is finished with detailing around the eye (s) and highlights were needed.

This is a close up of the face.

pet portrait by laurie rohner
detailing of the eye.

Would you like a portrait painted of you pet? Various sizes can be done in many mediums. I am now working on oil paintings and pricing is flexible depending on the subject. How it works is simple. You supply a favorite photo showing your animal and half of the agreed amount of painting. Add a brief story about your pet and I will paint a painting. About 3/4 through the painting I will send you a shot of the work in progress for your approval. Once OK’d I will add the detail work and make any adjustments. When it is finished and waiting to dry so I can varnish the painting you send the last payment. The painting is shipped to you ready to hang along with your photos (if you sent them by snail mail).

pet poraits by Laurie Rohner
New pet portraits being painted at Laurie Rohner Studio.

Please contact me and lets talk.