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Small Miniature Oil Paintings on Panel by Vermont artist, Laurie Rohner.

I enjoy smaller art. I see great things in small packages. Miniature art can be hung individually or grouped to make a statement big and small. Check these out below all available at Etsy shop Between The Weeds.

Dirt Road Trees Vermont Landscape Original Oil Painting Nature Art Scenic Woodland Realism Impressionist
Woodland Trees and Dirt Road by Laurie Rohner.
Medium: oil on linen panel
Size: 5 x 7 
Signature on the front, on back title date and signature.
Vermont Oil Painting Landscape Fields Pasture Mountains Sky Realism Miniature Nature Art by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner
 Fields Meet Mountains
Medium: Oil on Linen Panel
Canvas Size: 5 x 7 inches
Signature on the front 
Woodland Trees Vermont Landscape Original Oil Painting Nature Art Scenic Realism Impressionist by Vermont artist  Laurie Rohner
Woodland Tree Line
Medium: oil on linen panel
Size: 5 x 7 
Signature on the front, on back title date and signature.

These oil paintings are painted on linen canvas panels and ship free to you customers in the USA. This a a sampling of my Vermont woodland landscape collection of trees forests mountains and fields all by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner. A Vermont landscape is painted on a linen panel with high-quality oil paints and is ready to pop into a standard frame with a 5 x 7-inch opening.

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Don’t let anything stop you from finding a solution.

Today my monitor for my computer went out. First it works, then it doesn’t. Since I am not a computer savvy person at all not in the least bit and usually end up making things worst I was very upset. This is my life and everything I need to do is on this stupid machine. Anxious annoyed and getting madder by the minute because I did not have the money right now to buy a new monitor. Not only that but have held off upgrading my system till after I moved.


I knew I had to relax and though I was upset the solution was probably right in front of my face, which it was.

Is it perfect, no. Is it keeping me working and doing what is necessary for my work, oh yes. I have an old relic of a computer that had pictures on it I had meant to copy and load to my newer computer but never got around to doing so. When I was finished I intended to give the old computer to an organization. It is amazing my tardiness is what saved me with this recent dilemma. The old monitor is what I am using now. Not the fabulous LED 22 inch monitor but an old relic and it is fine.

My little fabulous old monitor.

What I am reminded is first how our society is connected in ways we mostly never think twice about. All our work and everything needed to interact with each other is in a machine. When we cannot use it – withdrawal.  Secondly when hit with a problem relax. The problem isn’t going anywhere but the solution needs to be birthed into your consciousness. It took most of my day to see an answer. Just plug in the monitor and see if it works. Wow, it did.

Now the last thing I have to mention is how I view the sites I have changed. I wonder how others see my sites? Is this the way a tablet or laptop sees them?

This is how I see the world Trees Forests Nature and Sunshine.

Path to the Birches Oil on Canvas.
Path to the Birches Oil on Canvas.

We get so locked into the way we view our own world is this the way everyone sees it? Each of us look through eyes but see differently and I for one love that concept. I know I see the world with the eyes of a slightly a skewed artistic world. Never feel I fit in and like that I don’t. In many ways I feel like the outdated monitor I am looking at right now, old discarded but still has lots of life and usefulness. This little monitor I see now with different eyes. Grateful it is still here to help me see a brighter world.

Don’t stop looking for the solution to a problem, the answer will come.



My nature art with one of my favorite quotes.

Nature art Vermont landscape oil painting of woodland birch trees and an old logging road is an original nature art oil on canvas artwork by Laurie Rohner.

Nature art landscape by Laurie Rohner
Nature art landscape by Laurie Rohner

Moss greens warm browns and white birch bark glisten in the sunlight as you stand looking at a road traveled less.

I would take this path each day with the boys my Standard Poodles on our daily hikes through my property, a peacefulness serene place to walk. While you gaze at the birches you can almost smell the sweet scent of the ferns drifting by on the warm breeze.

Title: Path to the Birches.
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Canvas Size: 24 x 24 inches.
Signature: Laurie Rohner on front, title date signed certificate enclosed on verso.
Ready to hang!

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