Overcoming a stereotype, women can’t fix lawnmowers. Wrong!

Last weekend I fixed my lawnmower. I think it has to do with being an artist and loving to tinker with things or maybe my Dad teaching me about engines but whatever the reason I knew I could figure it out. My Toro 1999 Push Mower was starting to putter and lawnmower lose power and I knew I hadn’t done a good job of taking care of it. I pulled out the product manual and started to investigate what I could do.

This is going to be me no doubt. Thank you for the image at www.independent.co.uk

First I replaced the spark plug which some arrogant good old boy sold me two weeks earlier with the correct size and make. Then I remembered my Dad saying every engine needs to breath and replaced the air filter. I pulled off this part and that part cleaning them off. I put everything back and pulled the cord to hear my little mower start with one pull and purred. I had a huge smile on my face and great satisfaction. Me a 50 something woman got her mower purring and there wasn’t a man anywhere to be seen.

These days politics keep saying there is women’s inequality and I say women need to get their hands dirty and fix the mower. How can we (women) ever expect the same respect in work and in life if women keep dividing the work into men and women jobs. I knew the good ol’ boy sold me the wrong spark plug but didn’t have the energy at that time to argue with him. When I questioned the size and he said they come in all sizes but this will work would he have done this with a man? Maybe but maybe not.

Whatever you set out to accomplish, overcome, expand who you are by your own perception of the world do so with a belief the answer is there, ready for you to take and run with, making you a better more aware awesome being.

Image from https://www.pinterest.com/ticholetierra29

Women are awesome creatures but it is women who put the restraints on women because women believe there is a problem. I don’t have a problem with men or women but have a huge problem with humans telling me there is one. It doesn’t matter what the issue is once you believe there is an issue than for you there is an issue. I choose to live with as little constraints as I can and it started with me deleting the thought there is a problem. If you look at all things as lessons to be solved it makes those problems not as big and more manageable.

The next time something breaks in the house try to fix it and think how happy your spouse might be. Maybe he will clean the toilet in return. It could happen!