Today. Today I embrace my intuition.

This year started with a feeling that this was going to be a grand year, full of new exciting profitable projects and selling my studio home. It is November and I still am waiting for someone to buy this home. I am still waiting to sink my teeth into that new exciting project. I am still living in a place called limbo town. With each hour day and month I have grown more anxious and fearful that my timeline won’t be met. I wake every morning with hope seeking for an answer only to flop into the bed at night totally exhausted and stressed. My body aches from the stress and my mind is on its own continuous loop never disengaging making getting a good nights sleep not so possible. Yet today I got up thinking today is different. Today is different because it is today.

Original Artwork by Laurie Rohner
Nature Art with Quote Garden Wildflower Botanical Watercolor

Today I stop waiting. Today I start doing. Today I start allowing. Today I stop controlling. Today is new and exciting. Today is the project I have searched for starts to give birth. Today when I fall into bed I will be tired not from stress and dreams unrealized but from working and creating in complete synergy of my life. No restrictions. Today I am co-creating my story.

Iris nature art garden watercolor painting a botanical garden original artwork by Laurie Rohner
Iris Watercolor Painting White Botanical Garden Flower

No more thinking it through or is this being realistic? Being realistic and thinking it through got me to this point and well that did not work out to well for me. Today I embrace my intuition, my soul whispers, the little signs you only see when you stop pretending they are not there. Today my belief in the divine plan exists is my guide. Today it all begins, an epic journey, is today your today?

Original oil painting by Laurie Rohner
Oil on canvas titled Autumn begins in Underhill, VT
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Part of the larger right.

A pair of Lowa hiking boots on red desert sand...

“When something seems to go wrong, it’s invariably part of a larger right.”

– Jed McKenna, author.

This morning I headed out the door with Tuck for his walk and it was a beautiful morning cold and crisp. The night before we had a few inches of snow fall and the trees were wrapped in white and sparkled as the sun was rising in the sky. The air smelled of winter a scent I rarely smell living where I am now. Tuck likes the cold and we headed down the street in absolute joy. I was maybe fifty feet down the road and I started to draw a breath in when I hit an icy patch of ice and down I went. I went straight down on my knee and my palm hit the road for support. Startled I quickly jumped to my feet and thought not too bad did not break a thing.

Now let me take you back a few minutes before I headed for the walk. I had an image flash in my head about slipping on ice because I was wearing sneakers instead of my hiking boots. I had dismissed the image and thought I did not want to be bothered putting on my boots. What if I had paid attention to my intuition would I have fallen? Do not know.

As I walked back to the house my knee was numbing up and my hand hurt a bit I thought about how I went down and found it was completely centered. My feet went off to the side because the road is pitched in that direction but as I realized I was slipping my leg folded and my knee hit the pavement directly underneath me. Nothing broke or cut or bruised even hours after the incident. By staying centered I prevented damage to my knee and by staying centered you can prevent damage to your life. When you are centered you pay attention to your instincts and to your surroundings. Another words I never would have fallen but because I stayed centered the damage was minimal. What went wrong became part of the larger right.