I choose to be unstoppable.

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As the sun sets this evening I am listening to a news talk show. What a mixed up world. I could feel the air become stagnant. How many others feel the same? Here is a bit of positive energy coming your way. Focus on what it is in your life you want and do not let anything stop you from getting there. No matter where you are in this big beautiful, sometimes scary, world, you are courageous and unstoppable.

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Chasing money or life on purpose?

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Dr Wayne Dyer

“When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.”

Dr.Wayne Dyer, best-selling author, speaker and personal favorite. 

How many of us truly understand what this fabulous man is saying? Throughout the years there has been some real low spots in my life and I thank the Source for giving the world men and women like Dr Wayne Dyer. I have read his books and listen to his CD‘s. Mentally I understand exactly what the words are saying. Implementing this into my life has been a struggle. The last few weeks I have experienced exceptionally hard circumstances and I think I might have glimpsed an answer about why. In life at least mine just when things break wide open and life comes pouring in, a heaviness. Things we thought to be true become anchors and for some of us people who like to be in control of our lives it is magnified even more so. I wonder if a snake feels this way as it shed its skin or a newborn just before birth maybe even a flower as it breaks open to show the wonderful beauty of its real self, the flower.

I make functional art and fairy houses and it is my life blood. It is not what I thought I would be doing in my life yet it gives me absolute joy. Marketing and selling does not but it is something I have to do. I love my business and when I sell my things I know that person is receiving my best, a part of my heart is carried within my creation, as it is in all artist work. It is personal.  When I am in the process of creating I understand exactly about life on purpose because I am working from my authentic self. Marketing and selling means working from my ego and when I allow the ego too much room the chase for money is then more important than the work. The lesson here is work with the ego as you would any tool but dwell in the place where your life force resides. This is where you carry faith, trust, love for yourself, joy and compassion. It is time for me to step off the precipice knowing even if I fall into the darkness  I will  sprout wings and fly. At least it is better than where I am now. I need to grow into the next stage in my life and become everything I have ever believed I can be. I really hate when someone say you can’t do that because my response is always just watch me. A very special person in my life knew if I needed a kick all they had to do was say I can’t now Life is saying I can’t do that and I am saying just watch me. Or maybe they are still from the other side.

Are you chasing your tail after money or living on purpose? If you are in the midst of becoming a flower than tell life you want to fly. Join me in the sky doing loop d’ loops. It is a blast up here.