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What I learned living in a haunted house.

Information is everywhere and what is real can be very hard to figure. In Connecticut several years ago I sold a home and during the worst times to sell. Not many know this but I lived in a haunted house. Dark shadows were frequent occurrences and my dogs would bark and growl at the stairs at least once a week. When my very special dog suddenly became fatally ill and passed I knew I had to get out of there. Most of my life I have dealt with things that for me are common everyday happenings but this house had something more about it. I went to the Catholic church and bought a St Joseph statue, followed the instructions and sold the house. I had forgotten about the St. Joseph statue until I read about it in the recent post I blogged here. Today I can say I have completed the blessing or spell and inserted what I desired to happen. Will the magic happen again? I believe it will and I say give it a try.

Elkin House for sale – Is it haunted?

The past eight years has been wrought with wrong turns and dead ends, or has it? Does your life play out exactly as it is planned but free choice is in the how you get to the inevitable end still the same? When you experience what I went through in Connecticut you know absolutely there is much more going on then we can see. If there is more, from that perspective, is there not more to magic and thoughts. Do you have the power to manifest into your life what you desire the most quickly?

I desired to be free of that house and was willing to do everything I could to sell and move. I had two and a half weeks to buy a home. I had already been looking but nothing had grabbed my attention. I thought I wanted to be out of the snow and cold so I looked in North Carolina. I love the mountains. Somehow I ended up here in Elkin, NC. Now looking back over the circumstances I wonder how much was my choice and how much was fate?

During the months and years living in North Carolina I have learned much about myself and what I desire. My life viewpoints have drastically changed and I know more about who I am. I need to embrace all aspects of me. Living here does not enhance those aspects. No matter what your age you are always going through growth spurts. This has been a huge one for me.  In this phase of my life I found many others with qualities I admire and with viewpoints I would like to explore more closely. The taboos and superstitions of religions have fallen away and instead I have a deeper understanding of all beings connected.

Back to my haunted house let me say I do not think it was evil. Most haunted situations there are valid logical answer for what is happening. I do believe there are dark energies and they can play havoc on us since we are also energy in physical forms ( for now ). From the experience I have learned about how necessary it is to be vigilant in keeping your life free of dark energies and focusing your thoughts on loving nurturing life affirming feelings. That is where all magic stems from, it is yours when you desire it. The St Joseph statue is a reminder of the energy you have within and that may be the magic of the spell.

Have a happy All Hallow’s Eve, everyone.


Laurie Rohner, optimistic

Faith Strength Love is the lesson and gift.

Mother’s Day to many means running out and buying some flowers or plant or maybe a piece of jewelry and a card and giving it to a women you call Mother or Mom. My mother was always and still is Mom and you would never refer to her as Mother. Funny because that is what she called her own mother, Mother. Her grandchildren  referred to her as Honey with great affection, that is a whole different story. Mom was a women I admired tremendously and so did many others.  She was always giving of herself even when the person she was trying to help didn’t or couldn’t see why. Mom would work quietly never looking for acknowledgment or rewards for her efforts. She worked with a hospital as a pastoral aid when she had the time. Mostly she took care of my family with grace and courage and a huge amount of love. She handled many heartaches some inflicted on her and some on the many people she cared for yet she never stopped seeing and searching for love and compassion and always found ways to forgive where many would not.  Qualities I try everyday to blend into my life. She seemed able to handle life’s challenges with undeniable strength and it is her approach to life I try to support in my life.

I find my life blessed. I am adopted and this wonderful exceptional woman made  my life an exciting adventure. Placed in my life as my hero , mentor, confidant, best friend, spiritual teacher, kindred spirit and not the least of it all Mom was a remarkable gift. Mother’s Day had been a hard holiday for me yet this year I feel at ease with her passing. It has been 6 years since she passed in my arms and we had to say until later. I feel her standing next to me her energy ever-present and when I am about to give up on myself or a situation I can still hear her voice say ‘it will be alright everything will work out’. Both my parents taught me to never give up on what truly matters, the person inside. It is what connects us all to everything here and everything beyond.

I wonder what Mom would say about the way things are today. I know she would look for the good and not dwell on the seemingly impossible. I know she would say with conviction that everything is happening as it should and the best anyone can do is be true to themselves. This takes work and commitment and a promise to always take the road traveled by the few. Life takes hard work and my Mom gave me the tools and knowledge I need to live the best life I can the way I see fit. Mom always felt a little twinge when she thought about the end was closer than she wanted and she would discuss who would remember her and did she leave a mark in the world. I think she did and certainly with me.

I write this not to say my Mom was a great lady because she was but to say every one of us has someone in our lives that makes us see our true selves.  Helps cultivate and nurture you so you become an awesome spectacular person.  Or maybe you can not see anyone at the moment so you become the person someone else needs. This very special lady showed me time and again it is kindness, gratitude, compassion, love, strength, faith, belief, beauty in nature, and being receptive to the good in the world that brings anyone peace. Find the things that support these qualities and keep them close to you and the world will prosper.

I send everyone my blessings and may peace enter your world today.


blog, Laurie Rohner

April Fools was on me.

I am not a big April Fools prankster but the universe yesterday was certainly having its fun with me. My day started just like any, got up, showered, dressed and headed down to make some breakfast for my self. Watch a little GMA and work up what needed doing for the day. Easy. Except yesterday my coffee maker decided to clog and wouldn’t brew and after fiddling around finally got a cup of coffee. Sat down ate breakfast and Tucker proceeded to come over and throw up in my lap. Not a big mess but had to clean up some and change my clothes. OK? Got my things together and I had to go out to ship a few things and some errands and I jumped into my CR-V and dead battery. UGH! I really have to use this car more. Pulled out the battery charger and hooked it up, no problem and I will be on my way in no time. Wrong. The plug I used outside wasn’t working, but I will save that for another time, disconnected plug and reconnected to extension and different plug. Yeah! Fifteen minutes later I am on the road driving around in circles making sure the battery is fully charged. When I got back home I put Charlie The CR-V away with the charger on all night. This morning good old Charlie started right up.

Maybe the joke was on me but I did have a good chuckle at the end of my day while sipping a nice glass of Chardonnay. That is the great thing  about April Fool’s Day it reminds us not to take life too seriously.