And the veil gets thinner.

I love this time of year and not just because the leaves shine in an array of gorgeous color. Number one reason is I love ghosts, spooky things that go bump in the night  and whispers you hear in the air. This is the time of year when the veil between our realities gets thinner. You catch a glimpse of a shadow in the corner of your eye and tell yourself it was nothing. Maybe you hear someone talking low and barely audible only to say it must be coming from outside or next door but of course some reason certainly not a spirit or ghost. This is a common occurrence in my world and I have come to accept it as normal. I think you would call that being an Intuit but it is just being a bit more sensitive to energy around you.  I also have great respect for the things I cannot see and never play around with spirit games such as séance and Ouija  boards. I accept their presence it is real. I think of these spirits as guides ancestors and angels and they are here to aid and help us. It is only when you open the portals and gates to dark negative energies that negative spirit enters. Unfortunately it is not a game and the negative energy can now hang out and play. I wonder if you know how many spirits and guides are with you at this moment? You may be surprised.

Below find a few watercolor art cards of my original watercolors for you to enjoy. They have a Halloween feel.

watercolor black crow art card
Nature Art Bland Card Original Watercolor Illustration Woodland Crow Black Bird.

Title: Crow
Card size: 5″ x 7″ inches
Medium: Winsor and Newton Artist Quality Watercolors on 140lb Strathmore card with deckled edges on card and envelope. .
Blank inside, each original art card comes with an envelope.

Nature Art Blank Card Watercolor Illustration Woodland Bird Titled Bertram A Barred Owl.

Title: Bertram A Barred Owl
Card size: 5″ x 7″ inches
Medium: Windsor and Newton Artist Quality Watercolors on 140lb Strathmore card with deckled edges on card and envelope. .
Blank inside, each original art card comes with an envelope.

Woodland Nature Art Watercolor Jack in the Pulpit Flower Illustration Blank Card Original Artwork

Artwork Title: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Card size: 5 x 7 inches
Medium: Windsor and Newton Artist Quality Watercolors on 140lb Strathmore cream card with deckled edges on card and envelope. .
Blank inside, each original art card comes with an envelope.

All of my watercolors are made with the finest archival quality materials – Strathmore Watercolor Paper and Windsor and Newton Artists Quality Watercolors – and professionally packaged to arrive safely.

Windsor and Newton Artist Quality Watercolors are renowned for their superior color permanence, balance and amazing color range.

All my art cards including this artwork are original miniature watercolors suitable for framing, enjoy them in your home or send as a unique gift to that special someone.

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What I learned living in a haunted house.

Information is everywhere and what is real can be very hard to figure. In Connecticut several years ago I sold a home and during the worst times to sell. Not many know this but I lived in a haunted house. Dark shadows were frequent occurrences and my dogs would bark and growl at the stairs at least once a week. When my very special dog suddenly became fatally ill and passed I knew I had to get out of there. Most of my life I have dealt with things that for me are common everyday happenings but this house had something more about it. I went to the Catholic church and bought a St Joseph statue, followed the instructions and sold the house. I had forgotten about the St. Joseph statue until I read about it in the recent post I blogged here. Today I can say I have completed the blessing or spell and inserted what I desired to happen. Will the magic happen again? I believe it will and I say give it a try.

Elkin House for sale – Is it haunted?

The past eight years has been wrought with wrong turns and dead ends, or has it? Does your life play out exactly as it is planned but free choice is in the how you get to the inevitable end still the same? When you experience what I went through in Connecticut you know absolutely there is much more going on then we can see. If there is more, from that perspective, is there not more to magic and thoughts. Do you have the power to manifest into your life what you desire the most quickly?

I desired to be free of that house and was willing to do everything I could to sell and move. I had two and a half weeks to buy a home. I had already been looking but nothing had grabbed my attention. I thought I wanted to be out of the snow and cold so I looked in North Carolina. I love the mountains. Somehow I ended up here in Elkin, NC. Now looking back over the circumstances I wonder how much was my choice and how much was fate?

During the months and years living in North Carolina I have learned much about myself and what I desire. My life viewpoints have drastically changed and I know more about who I am. I need to embrace all aspects of me. Living here does not enhance those aspects. No matter what your age you are always going through growth spurts. This has been a huge one for me.  In this phase of my life I found many others with qualities I admire and with viewpoints I would like to explore more closely. The taboos and superstitions of religions have fallen away and instead I have a deeper understanding of all beings connected.

Back to my haunted house let me say I do not think it was evil. Most haunted situations there are valid logical answer for what is happening. I do believe there are dark energies and they can play havoc on us since we are also energy in physical forms ( for now ). From the experience I have learned about how necessary it is to be vigilant in keeping your life free of dark energies and focusing your thoughts on loving nurturing life affirming feelings. That is where all magic stems from, it is yours when you desire it. The St Joseph statue is a reminder of the energy you have within and that may be the magic of the spell.

Have a happy All Hallow’s Eve, everyone.