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Inspiring you, see who you are.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

Eckhart Tolle


“Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.”

Esther Hicks

Unknown origin but so inspiring.
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April Fools was on me.

I am not a big April Fools prankster but the universe yesterday was certainly having its fun with me. My day started just like any, got up, showered, dressed and headed down to make some breakfast for my self. Watch a little GMA and work up what needed doing for the day. Easy. Except yesterday my coffee maker decided to clog and wouldn’t brew and after fiddling around finally got a cup of coffee. Sat down ate breakfast and Tucker proceeded to come over and throw up in my lap. Not a big mess but had to clean up some and change my clothes. OK? Got my things together and I had to go out to ship a few things and some errands and I jumped into my CR-V and dead battery. UGH! I really have to use this car more. Pulled out the battery charger and hooked it up, no problem and I will be on my way in no time. Wrong. The plug I used outside wasn’t working, but I will save that for another time, disconnected plug and reconnected to extension and different plug. Yeah! Fifteen minutes later I am on the road driving around in circles making sure the battery is fully charged. When I got back home I put Charlie The CR-V away with the charger on all night. This morning good old Charlie started right up.

Maybe the joke was on me but I did have a good chuckle at the end of my day while sipping a nice glass of Chardonnay. That is the great thing  about April Fool’s Day it reminds us not to take life too seriously.