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Do you like small watercolors of nature and flower landscapes?

I have been busy creating watercolors in a 5 x 7 format of garden flowers nature and scenic landscapes. I complete these packages with an 8 x 10 white mat with a 4.5 x 6.5 opening, backing, and plastic sleeve.

White Trillium in Vase watercolor on paper by Laurie Rohner
White Trillium in Vase Watercolor on paper by Laurie Rohner

White Trillium in Vase is a lovely hand painted flower watercolor by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner. This watercolor wildflower is a detailed delicate nature art in a realism style of painting. Soft colors and ready to pop into a standard 8 x 10 frame makes this a perfect gift.

Comes complete with a white mat and ready for your favorite frame.

Cardinals and Barn Scenic Watercolor Vermont Landscape Green Mountains by Laurie Rohner
Title: Cardinal Watching Barn – Medium: watercolor on paper

A scenic watercolor landscape of cardinals sitting in the pines watching the barn. An original nature art by Vermont artist Laurie Rohner shows the green mountains in the distance. The landscape is a lush green and there is a dirt road cutting through in front of a barn. Not to worry there is a farmhouse and large horse barn just around the bend. This is what you find in Vermont.

At Waters Edge Watercolor Lakeside Hills Landscape by Laurie Rohner
Title: At Waters Edge – Medium: watercolor on paper

At Waters Edge is a watercolor a lakeside landscape created from the imagination of my mind. I can feel the air is warm and there is a log I am sitting on though you can not see it. My feet dangle in the cool water. Off in the distance is a green heron looking for some fish. The hills are softly shadowed green by the passing clouds. The world could not be any better. 

Please stop by my online studio and browse the watercolor and oil paintings of flowers landscapes and critters now available.

Laurie Rohner, optimistic, Thoughts are energy

A new look for spring.

How do you like the new site. I hope you find it soothing. Lately I have really relaxed and started to focus on the great things in my life. I do not know how the rest of you feel but I am worn out trying to combat the onslaught of news. So I see what is going on and then I relax and say to myself can I change what is happening? No but I can change the way I think about what is happening. I take a few deep breaths and I fill myself with as much love as I can and then I send it out into the world. Let your light fill all the dark corners of the world with kindness gratitude and love and we will see it change.

Today I am so thankful for this very adorable companion. He just makes me laugh. A great reminder to not take myself so seriously. Here’s to you Tucker.

Laurie Rohner Faithful Companion
My Tucker Bear