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A light shines through.

I guess you could say I have a hard-head. I know because it has bumped into so many hard surfaces and never even cracked. Amazing. No I am talking about being able to see the solutions so easily for others but when it comes to my insurmountable life I am clueless. With a gleeful giggle I think I am finding a bit of light shining through and see things as Spirit or Universe has tried to tell me. No need for the Flare gun just yet.

Only available in my studio. Buy at
Only available in my studio. Buy at

Yesterday I spoke about illusions and some of it involved the Etsy illusion. Etsy is not working for me. There I said it and boy it feels great. I see Etsy now for what it is and I hope others will see it for what it is a fraud. Yes a few artist find sales and some make a living selling on Etsy but they are a very small few in direct proportion to the amount of shops selling on Etsy. Now have you noticed Etsy is trying to get you to sign up people to open shops offering free listing fees for you and them. Hum, this has a bit of an odor to it. When I read this every alarm in my head said warning Wil Robinson. So why?

I took this as a sign from Spirit or Universe and it said ‘it is time to use your energy differently’. Why promote my work which I work very hard creating for Etsy when I am set up to promote my work for me? If I am not getting what I am putting into Etsy back out of Etsy, then it would be insane for me to keep doing what I am doing expecting a different outcome.

I did some looking around on artists I like to follow and discovered these artist are not Etsy users but use their talents marketing themselves on their websites in shows and in stores by licensing their art, having their own open studio or on consignment. These artists are doing what I thought I was working towards but because I was hard-headed could not see why they succeeded and I did not. Their work was no better, their photos were comparable and they showed about the same body of work. They had titles that did not read distorted or broken and they were found in searches on the front pages of the search engines. So why waste your valuable time money and creative energy promoting yourself in a market that does not work and could be broken? The answer is quite clear to me now. You do not.

I think Spirit is always guiding us and showing different paths we need to follow. It is when we allow the illusion the lies to guide us and not our passions and heart muscle to show the way, we venture down these long dark corridors filled with energy sucking shadows that zap our purpose and joy. We become the drug of the addict (shadows) and are lulled into believing we just have to change this and it all will fall into place. The masses chime in and tell you more of the exact same words and you become disillusioned and defeated.

Shake it off right now I can wait…. there you want to know the best secret ever. Life is easy. Life is working with You. Life is You and You are life. What ever you can imagine you can create. Do not allow someone else the reins to control your life. You and You alone know what you are passionate about. Your unique passion is that thing or things that get your heart pumping a bit faster. You may even talk a little louder or faster. The excitement you feel is your passion. You are the master of You and You need to take charge and live with only one focus. Is this what I need to do to follow my life with purpose and passion? If your answer is anything else other than yes to the question think it over and choose another way. This applies to everything in life. The work you do, the family you love, the life you want for You starts with You. Sometimes the passion is buried deep down under hurt and anger but once you find it nurture it and live from it. Release what has hidden your passion to Spirit or the Universe for them to care for and move forward.

I know it is really scary to shake things up and live from a place that is as foreign as living on the moon but I know it is worth it. Living a lie or a life with no passion is being cocoon in a spider’s web numb by the poison of the spiders venom and waiting for the day you are dinner and then nothing. Wake up pull off the spider webs and take control of your ride. Spirit and the Universe love to show gratitude to the ones who get it. Are you one of the ones who gets it? Thought you were, by the way nice ride.