What do you do when things look bleak? Ask for help.

It has been about 2 weeks when my world got really messy. At my lowest point, emotions raw with 6 months of aggravation. Every day starting with the one thought today it will get better and I will be on my way to what it is I want. When you are stuck sometimes the only way to free yourself is to surrender to the negative feelings and ask for help. This is what I found I had to do and through an upsetting time found grace. This is a my story about being a compassionate business person.

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If you follow me at all you know I have attempted to sell my house. It seems like a decade but it has been a very long time. I first listed it with a realtor in my neighborhood back in 2010 (so long ago) but decided since it was not being shown after 5 months, maybe it wasn’t the right time to sell so I took it off the market. My realtor was aggravated and commented how some realtors charge the seller $3,000 for ending a contract. I never paid and we parted.  I tried to get my art business established and joined a few of the local art councils. It was never the right fit. I needed to move and sell the house. I decided to list the home as a For Sale By Owner again finding this is not the practice in this area either with realtors or the public. I was stubborn and wanted to prove to the area you can do this and sell a house. I marketed and set up a web site but to no avail. Finally I stopped and listed the house with another realtor. I went with a known real estate agency Century 21. The agency never showed the house. I had to micro manage the realtor because it would take weeks for things to be accomplished. The photos were unprofessional and had to supply my own. The information was lacking and most of the time I never heard from the agent. Then one day I received an email stating their office would not be renewing the contract. The sign was removed before I finish reading the very short email. I was dumbfounded. What did I do? and what do I do now.

A week prior I watched Glenn Beck’s show and he was promoting realestateagentsitrust.com. I had sent an email and had received the contact information for a realtor connected to their network. I was skeptical and saw the agency was not very close to my house. Now with what had happened I needed help. I had to call. I spoke to a wonderful professional man named Jason Bramblett.

Greensboro real estate agent
Fabulous person and I highly recommend.

He talked with me. He understood exactly my dilemma. He was too far to help but connected me with another realtor.  Jason is located in the Greensboro area of North Carolina and if you are looking for a realtor you need to call Jason Click Here to Connect. Enter the fabulous Ellen Peric owner of Carolina Farms and Homes.

Within 36 hours I not only was fired from an unproductive, clueless realtor but now had help. Someone actually taking time to help me. I adore Jason and am so grateful he sent me Ellen. My house was listed with a professional realtor. Pictures contracts and all the good stuff a fabulous realtor handles, done. Ellen is what I expect a business person to be, thorough knowledgeable, understanding, and business savvy. She has taken pictures set up a virtual tour and is listing the house in a variety of venues. I am linked with the Real Estate Book so I see what is happening. Ellen also has a fabulous assistant, Paula. You can call her office with any questions and someone will answer you. I know she will do her best and sell this house. She even pays for a home warranty on the house which covers you too. Please if you are trying to sell your home and want someone working at selling your home in Elkin, Mt. Airy, Pilot Mountain area, call Ellen at 336-456-5256  or click here for more information about Carolina Farms.

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These are people who care about the work they do and care about the people they work with and it shows. They excel at their jobs and you know you are dealing with the best talent around. Now you may not sell your home but it is not due to the lack of professionalism by Ellen or Jason. It is reassuring to work with people who share in your beliefs that when you are hired to do a job nothing less than your best will do.