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Find a place inside where there’s joy.

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

Joseph Campbell, the legend.

Birches Oil Painting by LRStudio

Yesterday a funny thing happened while trying to understand why things aren’t working in my life. I implement all the teachings read all the books and intellectually understand what all the great spiritual teachers are saying. Then suddenly fear hits you square in the face. You feel its intensity,the emotion is real. Your body responds by tensing or sweating and from your own thoughts and imagination, it is now a reality. It is very negative to your well-being, yet we give it absolute power.  In many ways fear has become the norm and joy is something we hope to feel. Joy is the feeling that skirts around what we think we are not worthy of having. Why else would so many people be trying to understand how to bring joy into our lives?

This is the fun part, the one thing we are all trying to obtain we all have and by placing our attention on  joy as the norm, fear diminishes. Fear becomes the emotion skirting around the perimeters of our true selves and with time may even disappear only  used for the sole purpose of protecting us from danger. Joy, Happiness and even the best feeling love are high vibrational energies and to keep these feelings in the front of your life is work. Once the work becomes a way of living it becomes your joy and the true oneness of you. Fear, doubt and unworthiness are heavy emotions and easily felt. These are feelings with little power and can with every day practice be but back up on the shelf for when they are needed.

So yesterday I finally realized that if I could feel with such intensity fear and all that came along with that feeling than why should I not be able to feel joy even more so. When fear comes acknowledge it, be aware of the feeling as you would be aware of a breeze on your skin. Ask yourself why are you experiencing this fear and then give thanks for the experience and release it from your imagination, your thoughts. Move your body into action and do something that is joyful to you. Living from the place inside you where there is joy also lives your imagination and your dream, your purpose. Joy, love, happiness will burn out the pain.

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Pressing on to follow your dream.

follow your dream...

“The Universe is desperate for you to follow your dreams. You will be surrounded by all the support you need if you choose to see life that way. So many live their life in fear. It’s such a rare moment when one of us wakes up and decides to plunge into the abyss of the unknown that the Universe will rejoice and provide everything you need for a successful journey. There will be obstacles, so it’s your job to decide how to react to each challenge. I promise you if you keep pressing on you will be presently surprised to find out what lies just on the other side of every perceived “failure”.

– Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

How many of us have taken a direction in our life only to give up because it is not going the way we have planned? We all have. When you looked back, maybe you are examining  a particular experience now, were you following a plan to achieve your dream, an ultimate goal, or did you let fear in and stop you on your precious journey? Inside your head it screamed your are doomed, you are worthless and the list can go on and on. But why is it the failures we seem to hold on to so tightly? Why do we not instead instantly look back to the successes? I think I may have an answer. Our minds or mental self is our ego. It is where fear and doubt and all the negative feelings dwell. Your mind thrives in the past and plays games with the future. It is easy to believe the voice of the ego after all why would you lie to yourself. I have decided the ego is like a virus that plagues your life. You can choose to allow it to decide the outcome or not.

This is a great quote and one I have read many times. I have struggled with a choice I made years ago and just as it gets to the darkest point and I feel it can never improve I give up. I asked for help from Spirit, nothing. I meditated read more books and still nothing. Watched a bunch of online self-help spiritual gurus, still no answer. Then yesterday while meditating I had a whisper a thought and it said ‘no answer is the answer’ keep going down the path you are on. I do believe there is Spirit guiding our dreams and connecting us to the Universe and ultimately, God. This morning I read this quote which I found on the Daily Love email. Coincidence, maybe, I think it is another whisper. After reading it I decided it is time to press on and overcome the obstacles. This point I am at is all to familiar so I am forging ahead into the unknown. I have sent my ego on a vacation. All that I have read watched and truly believe are now in play. I am not only writing about it. I am living it.