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Are you willing?

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An admired man. Walter Cronkite.

“I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give this game of life everything he’s got.”

Walter Cronkite, legendary broadcaster.
Think of every person you think is a success, then think about where in your life you have succeed. Yup, you gave it your all, right. Enough said now go give it your all and succeed.
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Which do you like better Twitter or Facebook?

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Asked this the other day which do I like better Twitter or Facebook, my answer was Twitter. I use both. Facebook is nice to keep in touch with people you already know either as an acquaintance or personally but as far as fan pages and building clients it falls very short of my goal. I find it is more of a competition for how many likes and fans and friends you can get. I will be honest the only reason I joined was to promote my business and to reach more clientage and to find information improving my life and my work. What I found was idle nonsense. I really don’t want to read one more comment about dinner and who is meeting who and where I went for this that or anything else. But this is social networking. So I use Facebook as a backup to sending my info about my web sites and product and use HootSuite to post directly to my fan page. By the way I learned that from a seller on Etsy and how it has simplified my life. I know everyone thinks I am mad but does anyone read that trite, really?

Now on Twitter I have found even though there is a limit to what you can say in one shot it also forces you to get right to the point. I have found a wealth of information about things I find interesting and have connected with some wonderful web sites and people. Plus with Twitter expanding its capabilities of posting photos there is much you can share (I use TwitrPix Express). My time is of great value and I am sure it is for you too. I just feel Twitter gives me easy to use options and in no time I am good to go. I say what I want to say or share what I think is helpful and nice.

So that is my novice reason why I like Twitter over Facebook. It is simple in theory. Now I need to tweet this….

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Here I go.

My first post, whoopee. I decided why not have a blog about just me. I have just as much to say as the next women and might discover I have more. This is my 5th blog site, the other four are all about art and business. I wanted to do something more me and about what I see in this world. What I see is hope and caring and beauty. Hearing of doom and gloom drains me. So I am going to write and show things that inspire me, things I am passionate about, things that say don’t give up it is all OK. I read an affirmation by Dr. Wayne Dyer every morning, by the way I love that guy and if you have no idea who he is check him out. I digress the saying goes like this ” All is perfect. God‘s love is everywhere and forgets no one. I trust in this force to guide me and I do not allow ego to enter now”.  Pretty good affirmation and what a nice way to start the day and to start this first post.

Blessings, L