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Keep the lines open.

“I cleanse the window of my mind, that it may become a mirror reflecting inspiration from the most High. I do this, not with strenuous effort, but through quiet contemplation, through gently reaching and affirming an inward recognition. Today I walk in the pathway of inspiration. I know exactly what to do in every situation. There is an inspiration within me which governs every act, every thought, with certainty, with conviction and in peace.”


Ernest Holmes, is a best-selling author and founder of Religious Science.

Rain Drops on Lamb's Ear

Ever have one of those times in your day where you seem to suddenly become convinced you are being dragged down in mud or treading water with no land in sight? Today I felt so heavy my bones ached. There was no reason for this, things are moving along for me and I had nothing of really concern in my life. But what had happened is simple. I had disconnected from inspiration. Inspiration is another word for spirit. I had allowed the window of my spirit to become foggy like the mirror in my bath after a morning shower. Yes, I went about my daily activities and business but disconnected. I had no service, no bars.

The solution easily remedied open up the portal and reconnect with spirit or inspiration. Allow the voice in your heart to speak and not the clamoring voice in your head to taunt every action. By finding a place where there is quiet with no interruptions for a mere five minutes can re-establish your connection. Close your eyes and imagine a ball of light glowing and swirling from the center of your body or from the heart area. Form a picture of this ball what colors do you see? Breathe deeply and exhale and with each breath grow the ball of energy until the ball encompasses you and where you sit. Ask your guides angels or ancestors to help you reopen your connection to spirit and to help remove these negative feelings and thoughts you have had about yourself. A sense of well-being and calmness is felt when these feelings of disconnect lift. Give gratitude to your guides and to Spirit for their ever-present help. Allow the light to settle in the heart area open to inspiration. Open your eyes. Done.

It is a daily practice and when I get to involved in my life I tend to not make the time. Without my daily ritual I had shut the door to inspiration. I had forgotten the simplest lesson. Each day I start with meditation for some prayer, and before I start my work I usually did this ritual opening my heart. I know it is always within me that wonderful ball of light. It was my way of showing gratitude to Spirit. When I did not use the connection the mirror became dirty and fogged over. We need this connection open every day to inspiration. Is your line open with five bars or with no bars?

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Believe you can, you can.

“Know that nothing can hinder you but yourself. If you believe you can, you can.”


“Life works by direct affirmation. There is no other way for It to work. That is why we are told to be still and know that all things are possible… We are told to affirm, positively, to assert, to declare this truth, in the face of all apparent opposition; to claim abundance in the midst of poverty, to affirm health in the midst of sickness; to decree joy in the midst of sorrow…


Why are we told to do this? Because this is the way Life works. It knows nothing of discord or fear; It forever sings to songs of Its own being. This song bursts forth from the joy of Its own inner wholeness. We, too, could become part of this celestial choir if we knew how to rightly affirm life.”


Ernest Holmes, was an American writerand spiritual teacher.

Tucker on guard
Tucker watching the world outside.

The past few days I have struggled with a few challenges and today I found this quote. I do believe that affirmations are a fabulous tool to use to keep your thoughts focused and moving forward in the direction you  have laid out for yourself. Underneath all those affirmations is the intent and belief you hold about the outcome and your true self. If you only affirm what you want but do not do the hard work to find your own truth you end up turning in circles. We are human and it is very easy to fall back in our comfort zones. To break free takes much effort and some digging. You must practice quietude and solitude every day and for me it is reconnecting with nature.

I had slipped back into my comfort zone last week and life generously smacked me on the back of my head to get back to doing the work and move forward. My dog had injured himself and dealing with pain. It was my tending to him I saw I was not tending to me. I had become lazy saying it was too hot too humid and so on… when I realized I wasn’t eating the right foods, doing my meditation, staying present with gratitude and my body was starting to ache. I was annoyed and mad that Tucker was hurt and fell into the poor me routine. The more I felt sorry for my situation the worst Tucker felt. Then yesterday the weather broke and it was a beautiful summer’s day. I gently walked Tuck outside where we sat on the ground and breathed in the world around us. As the energy changed inside me so did my thoughts and finally my body. This morning Tuck is showing a vast improvement and I am back on track.

Maybe it was time given for Tuck to heal or maybe it was my shift in energy. Or was it I believed I can, I can.