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Energy work have you tried it?

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Have you ever done any work with energy? I find this a fascinating area in my spiritual life class. The past year or so I have explored this area and found a common thread between energy work and spirituality but not with religion. When involved with energy work you connect to the Source, Creator, God, The Great Spirit whatever it is. When we meditate or pray we open our souls to an energy. It hit me yesterday after reading an old book on Wicca spells. The author referred to energy as opening the light around you as you worked. When doing energy clearings, energy healing, prayer chains, meditations or praying for help you are working with the same energy. The words may differ but their essence is all the same. If this is the case then is their any difference in the methods we use in connecting to the Source? I think it may be a matter of semantics and if you drop religion from the equation all barriers dissolve. Maybe it is the perception passed down by fearful men(not women by the way) dictating a moral code. For myself, the Source, Is, pure radiant energy available to all for good or bad. It is our choice to use it for what is needed for our particular journey. If you have ever completed an energy clearing every sense in your body is opened fully. You can not help but smile maybe even giggle. We are energy. Einstein saw this decades ago.

Spirituality is not religion, yet religion can be spiritual. Energy is spirituality and never religious. That is mans domain.