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Find that feeling, that alignment to Spirit and there is your joy.

The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy. – Abraham Hicks

Watercolor Original Painting
Vermont Fields Picturesque Scene Landscape Watercolor Nature Art Painting

We spend endless moments and time pondering purpose and questioning the path we are on asking the one question Am I right? The answers we seek come in waves from a vast supply of people with what they see as answers. We read and apply what these people have written thinking they must have the answer because it is in this book, or they are on TV, or someone says it is so. We think they must know what the answer is to the mess I am in only to find it does not work. We fall back into our comfy chair and throw our arms up in disbelief saying how could I fall for this lie again? I must be doing something wrong? Worst I am broken because it did not work.

We are these wonderful gorgeous beings that have come to this time and place to experience life together and separately at the same time. Individually we have the freedom to choose the thoughts and feelings we have and those thoughts and feelings form a collective energy positive or negative around the globe. We have the freedom to choose the energy and feelings that bring an individual  joy or torments and challenges.

I seemed to instinctively know I needed to step back from the thoughts and energy I was feeling. I needed to connect to the higher frequencies around me and that took being alone and meditating. I feel more in tune to my natural self. Understanding, compassion, and respect have replaced the flow of deceptive misunderstood energies from outside my being that were battering me making me exert more of my energy to combat the negative feelings. Once I found myself in the protective healing arms of Spirit the answers I had sought were found. The answers were to my questions and I found they do not fit all. The only truth and answer anyone can find is the one within the feelings and thoughts of what makes you so extraordinary. Find that feeling, that alignment to Spirit and there is your joy.