Are you mad, yet?

I know I am. While watching The O’Reilly Report  on Fox I saw how angered Mr O’Reilly has become about the state of this nation and the innate reporting from slanted news media people and the White House. It is a show I not always agree with but he always gives a fair look on most situations.

I am amazed how deafening the silence is about Kate’s death from Mr Obama and the DOJ. The coverage on the other stations not too much and yet just again another death but this time an eight year old boy killed by an illegal immigrant. First we need to protect American’s then we can see what can be done to protect illegal aliens.

At the end of this year many more employed people will feel the sting of Obamacare and find as I have health care is far from affordable. Remember the luncheon meetings at the White House with Health Insurance Companies? Thought it was strange but the WH had their answers lined up and now what a big lie. Health Care Companies have made huge profits. At this point the blame lies at the feet of the WH and at the feet of the Congress both Republican and definitely the Democrats.

What can anyone do? You can start by voicing your outrage. You can tell little spoiled pop stars who hate America to go someplace else, lick donuts and stop buying their music. You can use your mind and ferret out truth. You can spread your pride and show the greatness of this country.  You can stop waiting for the government to make it better and get up and do it yourself. You can stop texting, playing mindless games, disconnect from the soul-sucking machines and get involved in the schools neighborhoods and community. You can VOTE!

How many vets need our help? Not in their nature to say anything, I get it. I like to do it on my own too. But I know if an opportunity is given, I would give a vet anything. I feel the same about the police and the firefighters. These are people who ask for not one thing but have a huge heart and calling to serve and protect. Why can’t we reciprocate and show them respect.

Why is it before the first Black President there was relative respect for all races and it seemed people finally saw people as people nothing more.  Yet today the Divide in this country is ever growing and it is the same Black President widening the gap. Maybe it isn’t race but that he believes he is a victim and with that mentality he could never be any more than he is today. Frightened to act.  I hope we can eventually move back to the years of acceptance and understanding. Yes there are still closed minded people but we are human and that fact will always be but let’s not give more power to the race baiting rhetoric than is needed.

Lastly is the ridiculous fighting among the Republican Presidential candidates which is mainly due to the wonderful one side not so balanced press. It seems the press wants Jeb to be the guy and I think great another Bush. I like Trump and if teamed up with someone like Senator Cruz what a great match. But my thought are Trump is trying to raise awareness about the state of the disastrous choices made by all in Washington. Then Hillary can this be real? She is just shy of being a criminal if not one already and could be rewarded with the job of President? Seriously? But maybe that is OK with you. After all people licking donuts and you possibly buying one of those donuts is OK.

Get mad! Wake up! Do something! So ends my mad rant…thank you.

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You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough.

“You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.”

Abraham Lincoln, US President.

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How many times has some one recently thrown out this mans name and referenced themselves as being like this great man. I am certain Mr. Lincoln would have seen them as men of lesser convictions. Why I say this is because desire to accomplish anything comes for the passion inside you. You might find an individual inspiring and you may admire the person but it is the passion the deep desire to see its’ purpose and to see it to completion. The words I quoted are not just words to be thrown about. We as a world need to absorb these words into our very fiber of being. I think about what this man faced and the turmoil he had to fight through. He did not do it for his ego, which can not be said for the people comparing themselves to Lincoln, he did it for the good of all the people.

I am a spiritualist. I do not practice any religion yet find a closeness to the Buddhist and the Tao. Today there was a gentleman at my door from the Jehovah Witness‘s. I explained I was a Buddhist and he very inquisitively asked about my beliefs. We spent the next 15 minutes talking about the differences and similarities of our beliefs. He knew he would not change my mind about religion and I knew he would not change his yet we were not worlds apart in our thinking. We both want this world to be peaceful joyous and harmonious every where for all things. We want that to be so on my front porch we held that singleness of purpose and accomplished just that, peace and harmony. It was a true joy being in his presence.