watercolor illustration by Laurie Rohner
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Angry People. Stay calm and keep on walking.

watercolor illustration by Laurie Rohner
Think of a peaceful place and let the anger go.

Let me share a story with you.

Yesterday an email hit my inbox from Etsy. It was for a custom order. I opened the email and found this young women ranting with profanity about how I had sent her a twitter feed and to stop it. Now I admit I don’t know how things work but I do know that this was her issue – not mine. I replied back explaining I had nothing to do with her feed being filled up with my etsy posts – 5 to be exact –  and she was not to contact shop owners through the custom order request. I said I was sorry this happened and wish her a better day. She then shot me another scathing email how she has reported me to twitter – hum don’t understand why – and that she is not the one responsible for this problem. I received 3 more irrational emails from this young lady. I did not reply because this would only feed her irrational rantings. Instead I sent an email to etsy about her with the emails she had sent and I blocked her from my twitter feed. Finally I sent her an email and told her what has happened thus ending her rants.

A few hours have passed, why did this person do this? I pondered that thought and believe that she was attracted in some way to my energy.

Do you think thoughts have energy?

Considering what is happening in my life and the way I was feeling about myself I can understand my part in this story. Though I did not see it in the beginning I have to thank this young women for showing me how my thinking had become negative and self doubting. I had opened the door and allowed that energy in – the door now shut I move on.


There is nothing wrong in protecting yourself against abusive people and reporting them when they act out. This is a consequence of their negative thinking, their thoughts or their mental energy. What is needed is taking responsibility for your part – unwanted yes – learning from this marvelous lesson and letting it go with light and love.

As an artist you are in contact with many different people and I try to accommodate my customers with respect. I give my full focus to the project at hand. Since I feel creative energy is infused into any creative work I am mindful of my thoughts while creating. How can you do your best work if you are at the mercy of negative people and negative thinking? I don’t see how you can. Look at the circumstances and then let the thoughts and people go. Then get back in the studio and create.

Have fun!

9 thoughts on “Angry People. Stay calm and keep on walking.”

  1. True enough, Laurie. Yes, I do agree that thoughts, words (however expressed) have an energy to them, and that they bring along with them when they’re ‘sent’ in some way. It definitely helps to be aware of it, realize it’s not about you (despite the sometimes personal nature of it!), clear the funk away, and get on with giving your energy to more worthwhile things. Sometimes it does seem that the ‘tantrum yoga’ really IS an attempt to get attention and energy, among other things! Thanks for sharing your experience, and the beautiful painting! ~ Jamie

  2. Reblogged this on Sophia's Children and commented:
    This is a good reminder from Laurie Rohner, since the Energies of Now may well stir up the ol’ Hissy Fits and Tantrum Yoga outbursts!

    Stay present, stay cool, and have your ‘soothing remedies’ at the ready!

    Big Love (and some cucumber, lavender and peppermint tea!),

  3. thanks so much for the beautiful reminders, we must be responsible for our part in what funkiness comes flying our way. thoughts like when making bread: your energy input is revealed in the outcome. I have had my share of fallen loaves in the learning. bless you! here’s to letting the funk fly by – cheers

    1. Love the imagery of the bread loaves. Will be using that the next time some funkiness needs to go. Can’t you just see a bread loaf (funky energy) take wing and fly away. Now that is a brilliant way of letting it all go. Love it…Laurie

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