Fairy houses inspired by tree houses.

I thought you might like this post. It is originally posted today at Between The Weeds. Send good thoughts and fairy magic.

Between The Weeds

It has been a rough several days but today I can finally breathe. I just finished up reading one of my favorite bliss creators Melissa Dwindle’s post, click here to read. It put several things in focus that I found difficult. I try to please everyone. When you set out pleasing the world you do the opposite because not one person even knows you are trying. It is not how it works this big wonderful Universe. You want to create bliss joy happiness and please the Universe start with you the rest will soon see it too.

First, today I have cleaned my house, weeded the garden, made things feel good in the house because it makes me feel good. Why? Because I am selling this house so I can feel fabulous blissfully creative in Vermont. Breathe. This is what pleases me. Today I focus on pleasing me and…

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