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Life is an illusion, well maybe.

This just in life is an illusion. Everything you see is a lie. Nothing is as it seems. We are energy and thought, change the energy and thought and you change your reality.

Are you able to wrap your mind around this concept? I have a problem thinking that my business and my prosperity can change by thinking it so. Bills need to be paid. Food needs to be bought and supplies need to be purchased so the process can start all over again. Right? Not so fast. Think about it maybe that is the illusion we all deal with today. If you stop running after the concept of making money to pay for your needs are you not than creating the need to begin with? Making your life always chasing that something the next bit of money. The something is not necessarily the money you never catch. It is the something behind the money that is an illusion.

Today I looked at my etsy stats and was taken back because they were the lowest I have ever had so why? I am not concerned because my primary site at Laurie Rohner Studio is churning away. My energy there is positive and focused on my site because it is something I created and feel good about. Just as I feel when I create any work I am doing. My etsy shop is not my creation (though my original work is there) and it is controlled by others. Etsy decides who sees it and how they search for it even how they percieve my work is controlled by etsy. Etsy is a marketplace that has changed and many who connected with etsy in the beginning have seen this amazing marketplace become an illusion. The illusion etsy is helping handmade creative entrepreneurs succeed. The real fact is etsy is not, hence the illusion.

Remember everyone, this is a marketplace. Etsy showcases the merchandise being mass-produced all over the world and not handmade by artists. Assembled by some but far from handmade or original. Again this is an illusion, life as an etsy shop owner thinking if you build it you will succeed. You loose your common sense button and become a drone relisting and renewing hoping that someone will find you. You get sucked in to the armful of sites and people telling you how to succeed when they haven’t. You post and create ads for your etsy shop only to find the people not buying or are they? Another illusion is people do not check out the other shops and stay only in your shop. Etsy has done not one thing to help you promote your shop but you have done an amazing job at promoting their marketplace for them and it was free. If you are in this business because you love working for yourself and love creating fabulous handmade creative product than why are you wasting that gorgeous energy promoting the illusion? Stop think and change your thoughts and energy. I have lived in an etsy illusion. Today I see and today I changed the way I live working as a creative artist.

I will keep my shop at etsy but only as a back up. My primary focus is my Studio and my web sites. I control my reality and my prosperity. I used etsy as an example but you can apply this concept to any part of your life. Whatever you focus your energy and thoughts on is your reality. It is the energy that makes it real. When you work with passion, speak with passion or create with passion you are living your life illusion free. Well maybe that is an illusion too, but think of the fun, joy and sense of wonderful purpose you are feeling.

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