When you find a feather what does it mean?

Table or Plant Marker

It is said that when you find a feather on the ground it is a sign that you are getting a message soon. If the feather is white it is a message from an angel. It is nice to think about but is it real? I was, lets say, on the fence and one that needed more proof. This past weekend I had a series of events occur that when I look at them individually mean not a thing, together something much bigger.

It started with discovering a mirror I had cut for an order long ago and for whatever the reason was never used. I had not thought about it for a long time. So why now was it important? I did not need it and had no plans for it at the present moment in time yet I stopped and I looked for it. Not finding it I put it out of my head knowing I would eventually discover it. I had decided to work on some old frames cleaning them up since it was so warm out. Playing with water sounded like fun and Tuck is always up for a romp in the water. My old frames I keep in a corner of my wood shop where they sit collecting dust. Again for no reason I needed to work today on theses frames. These frames always fell into when I had some free time I will clean them up and use them. Why over the weekend with so much to do was the right time I am not sure until I found wrapped in brown paper the mirror I had thought about a day ago. I smiled to myself and thought someone beyond my seeing helped me out in this discovery. I thanked whomever it was and went on my business.

The weather broke and it was a great time to get working outside cleaning mowing and weeding. I am very conscious of things in the yard because I dislike snakes and have had a run in with a couple since moving here. I like to give them a wide berth. As I worked in the garden I thought about the little garter snake I saw here last year and thankfully as I finished I did not see again. Cleaned up and took Tuck for a nice walk down the street. Looking everywhere enjoying the day I stood waiting for Tuck to finish up and I glanced down and there no more than 5″ away is a snake. His head up staring at me not threatening just observing. I calmly moved myself and Tuck away not knowing if the snake was poisonous or not. Once at a safe distance found it was a large garter snake. As I walked back home my mind went over what I had thought about working in the garden. How glad I had been about not seeing a snake and then I did. How I have lately thought about something with no emotional connection and it would then appear.

Then yesterday I discovered a feather in the same spot as the inquisitive friendly snake. It was from a blue bird. My mother who had passed years ago had a love for blue birds. Every time I see these birds I think of her and how much she loved watching them. Yesterday was also the birthday of my grandmother, Honey. She was my mothers’ mother. So is there a message? I do not believe in coincidences or accidents. There was something different about that snake so was it a snake or something else? I think it was a message from people or guides on the other side. There is great power in our thoughts. Be careful. Be aware. Be open to the messages around you. I can only ask myself why did I have to work on those frames then and why the snake appeared at the side of the road only to find a blue bird feather the next day. But the story does not end here. The feather led me to much more.

You will have to wait. In the meantime think about any messages you may be receiving from angels and people passed over.

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14 thoughts on “When you find a feather what does it mean?

    • Yvonne It is my understanding when you find a white feather it is a message from your angel or someone very close to you. I hope you payed attention to the little things happening in your life. White feathers very special, love it.

  1. Charlotte says:

    Saturday my husband found a large white feather (very solid quill) while pulling out our painting stuff. We planned on painting walls on Sunday. We laughed at the notion of painting with a feather… Yesterday (sunday) we were painting all day. Late in the afternoon, while cleaning up the pans in the kitchen, a small brown and white feather fell off my husband… Now we are wondering what is the significance of 2 feathers of different colors in 2 days, happening for one person? Thank you for your response.

    • How lovely to have two feathers appear. The significance of a large white feather is great since there are not too many birds in the wild shedding these feathers. It is why most believe these feathers have the most influence on us. I will say that each situation is different from the next or last one but the individual receiving the feather needs to observe what is going on in their lives and who has passed on. Is the action of painting any significance or is the day of the week year or was there a feeling surrounding the moment you saw the feather. Sometimes it is just finding the feather and seeing it as something special and since you noticed the first the second was a confirmation of seeing the first. I find just awareness and feeling the light and love that always flows from the message enough. Great experience and thanks for sharing.

  2. Kay Jones says:

    My lovely granddaughter found out that an ex boyfriend had died in tragic circumstances.They were still friends .She is devestated but the morning after she heard the terrible news she found a beautiful big fluffy white feather.I can’t say how much it means to her. Funeral was yesterday so so sad.
    I think you are a really special person if you receives gift like this.

    • What a beautiful gift your granddaughter received from her angel. They stand with us in extreme times and in the good ones too. I think her boyfriend wanted her to know he is with her always. Stay open, our connection to love is always there. Bless you and your granddaughter and shine bright! Laurie

  3. Felecia says:

    I was riding with my cousin on the interstate too fix his spare tire …next too the car I see all white feather but the tip was dirty… about 5 min later it was a smaller feather but it too was all white but clean…I wonder what that means

    • White feathers are always a message from our angels and I am presuming that your angels wanted to tell you they were riding right next to you. Maybe one was for your cousin and one for you? Also angels like to say thank you for looking out for each other, this is a very big plus. You were definitely in good company…blessings.

  4. Genevieve says:

    As I was walking in my garden, a small fluffy feather floated down in my direction and landed close to my feet. What does this mean?

    • My guess is Spirit wants to let you know you are loved and someone who loves you is wrapping their energy around you. This may be an angel, a guide or a loved one who passed. What or who came to mind when you saw the feather is usually the key. Sweet blessings, L

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