Laurie Rohner, optimistic

Dogwoods Azaleas OH,MY!

Azaleas, 50-years old as of 2003, in Luthervil...
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Isn’t springtime an absolutely beautiful time of the year? It is a time where colors explode and you can’t help but wear a smirky grin. Around my house I have 30 -40 Azalea bushes of all different shades of pinks whites and reds highlighted by Red Bud and Dogwoods. The trees are shooting off this brilliant shade of new leafy green and the smell of Wisteria in the air. The only drawback is I have allergies and the oak trees can sometimes give me a real headache, but who cares my eyes are having a festival.

As an artist my senses get overwhelmed and I have to step back and just feel nature and once grounded again I become inspired. Not to paint Azaleas and Dogwoods all over the place but to change my environment, my decor in the home and outside. I start to plan out the flower pots (my way of beating the deer) and update color schemes in the studio. I eventually look inside myself. I guess that is why I have changed so much in my life recently, mostly good changes. And changes I have put off such as defining my life’s intentions.

Just as in nature life begins again. I have discovered I have lulled myself into waiting for some outside force, government people and circumstances to change the way my life is working. Government is broken. People are confused frustrated and scarred of the world conflicts. Only making our individual circumstances fragile and insecure. I have decided to act and not react. I believe in this world and I know that the Creator of such incredible beauty is loving of all things. Even if we humble humans can not see or understand it. Accept that even in chaos, there is order. So as I gaze out at my Azalea’s blooming intensely I remind myself how truly spectacular life is for those who want to live it with love and acceptance. There will always be bumps and storms. It is what thoughts and beliefs that decide whether you come through them unscathed and a little wiser or fearful and lost.

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