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Here I go.

My first post, whoopee. I decided why not have a blog about just me. I have just as much to say as the next women and might discover I have more. This is my 5th blog site, the other four are all about art and business. I wanted to do something more me and about what I see in this world. What I see is hope and caring and beauty. Hearing of doom and gloom drains me. So I am going to write and show things that inspire me, things I am passionate about, things that say don’t give up it is all OK. I read an affirmation by Dr. Wayne Dyer every morning, by the way I love that guy and if you have no idea who he is check him out. I digress the saying goes like this ” All is perfect. God‘s love is everywhere and forgets no one. I trust in this force to guide me and I do not allow ego to enter now”.  Pretty good affirmation and what a nice way to start the day and to start this first post.

Blessings, L

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