watercolor of flowers

Botanical floral watercolor garden art is available in my shop at Etsy-Between The Weeds.

A detailed delicate botanical floral watercolor of pink blue purple garden flowers. Love the crisp colors. The garden flowers in this original painting are spiderwort, phlox, indigo, monkshood, bee balm and veronica. Always a delight in any garden. Enjoy the square shape of the painting. Makes a great wall art addition for home bath nursery … Continue reading Botanical floral watercolor garden art is available in my shop at Etsy-Between The Weeds.


Scanner or Camera?

What a question right? I work with a large spectrum of products, from fine art to prints, painted furniture to murals and more. I wanted to make it easier for me to add my smaller artwork. I looked into varied options and read a review about scanners. As he exclaimed reproducing images old school can … Continue reading Scanner or Camera?

Watery white tulip watercolor.

White Tulip¬†with a background of watery greens and blues accents the pale purple, white, blues and pale burgundy in the petals of the white tulip. A white tulip with dew drops creates an original botanical garden flower watercolor painting on board. My detailed realistic floral artwork hand painted by Laurie Rohner. Title: White Tulip with … Continue reading Watery white tulip watercolor.

Flower Wood Keepsake Boxes

Find a hand painted custom made painted flower nature box for your keepsakes. Flowers on every side of this one of a kind special keepsake painted wood flower box. Garden flowers wild flowers herbs and bees painted on every inch with pink coneflowers, iris, bee balm, teasel, daisies and mint name just a few of … Continue reading Flower Wood Keepsake Boxes

Garden Wild Flowers New Watercolor Original.

Pink hollyhock, white daisy, pink coneflowers, yellow tansy just a few of the beautifully illustrated watercolor garden wild flowers by Laurie Rohner. The flowers dance vibrant under the blue skies painted with watercolor detailed with ink. Title: Smiling Flowers Medium: watercolor/ink on watercolor paper Image: 8 x 11 inches Signature: Signed on front, title,date,signature en … Continue reading Garden Wild Flowers New Watercolor Original.

Black Eyed Susan Daisy Botanical Garden Flower Watercolor

Botanical garden watercolor original painting titled Black-Eyed Susan in the Field. Bright summer botanical garden or wildflowers beam out at you off the paper. Cheery happy and spirit lifting for a summer farmhouse cottage. My watercolor technique is glazing a process where I layer pigments on top of each other creating depth and realism in … Continue reading Black Eyed Susan Daisy Botanical Garden Flower Watercolor

Watercolor Painting Iris Botanical Detailed Realism Garden Flower Original paintings by Laurie Rohner.

Botanical Peach Iris Print.

Botanical garden original watercolor painting, peach iris garden flower nature art hand painted by Laurie Rohner is a detailed watercolor painting titled Botanical Peach Iris. Botanical watercolor painting of a Garden Iris is detailed realism of a bi-colored botanical garden flower,¬† painted in my unique style of glazing. Title: Botanical Peach Iris Medium: Watercolor on … Continue reading Botanical Peach Iris Print.

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Red Poppies Nature Art Garden Flower Watercolor Illustration

My watercolor painting is an original botanical garden nature art painting of red poppies, wildflowers and garden flowers in shades of red and pinks with a touch of purple and a few white daisies. The title of this whimsical painting is Red Poppies by Laurie Rohner. Each flower is painted by hand and then I … Continue reading Red Poppies Nature Art Garden Flower Watercolor Illustration

watercolor illustration by Laurie Rohner

Angry People. Stay calm and keep on walking.

Let me share a story with you. Yesterday an email hit my inbox from Etsy. It was for a custom order. I opened the email and found this young women ranting with profanity about how I had sent her a twitter feed and to stop it. Now I admit I don't know how things work … Continue reading Angry People. Stay calm and keep on walking.